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Core Piano Course

The Core Piano Course covers the basics of piano, while the Repertoire Classes help you build your repertoire from your favourite genres: Soundtracks, Classical Hits, and Original Compositions by AyseDeniz!
Unlike other courses where they focus on specific pieces, this course is an all-encompassing course. As you learn how to read sheet music, you will be able to apply EVERYTHING you learn here to ANY music you play.

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Are you a complete beginner and want to learn how to play the piano in a fun and easy way from AyseDeniz? If so, this course is for you.


Borderless-sLs Japan Core Piano Course teaches you all the necessary theoretic, practical and methodological way to jump start your piano adventure from scratch! If you give only 30 minutes a day, you will be ready to take on new repertoire and advance to the next level with lifetime skills you learn from the course. 


In this course, you will learn:


  • Posture and hand position

  • Notes on the keyboard

  • Read sheet music in 2 minutes with both hands

  • Improvise with AyseDeniz

  • Understand rhythm and create your own rhythms (examples from Beethoven’s 5th Symphony and Star Wars)

  • Intervals 

  • Major & Minor Scales and how to play them

  • Harmony: Chords of a scale, their emotions, and inversions

  • Dynamics

  • Tempo & Rhythm basics

  • Articulation basics: legato & staccato

  • Sight reading: skip/step, direction, rhythm, articulation, dynamic 

  • Start a piece from scratch and perfect it with AyseDeniz’s FORMULA for ALL levels.

  • Learn to play Beethoven’s Ode to Joy with two hands in 3 different tempos. 

  • Create your own composition and start improvising too!

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