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32 GB of available system RAM. The software installs in a system with a dual-core processor and 2 GB of available system RAM. The local maximum dataset size was set at 50 GB for Mapper. ![An overview of the Mapper software (created by the authors).](f0020-0160-f0004){#F0004} Data generation was done with the R statistical package ([@B12], [@B13]). Data were generated for each dataset size with *N* ~*row*~ between 1,000 and 4,000,000, for the largest dataset sizes with *N* ~*row*~ between 500,000 and 5,000,000, for *N* ~*row*~ between 50,000 and 500,000, and for *N* ~*row*~ = 5 and *N* ~*row*~ = 10. Furthermore, we generated data sets with six different *N* ~*row*~ values for *N* ~*row*~ = 1,000, the default value for common EM. Note that we generated data sets up to the first 17 × *N* ~*row*~ for EM, i.e. for *N* ~*row*~ = 1,000. This threshold has been used in previous publications and corresponds to the *N* ~*row*~ of default EM. Next, data sets were generated for each of the datasets sizes using 100 gene networks with 500 randomly chosen genes and 200 nodes (i.e. networks with *N* ~*row*~ × *N* ~*column*~ = 500,000). For each of the datasets sizes, we generated three different data sets, each with different parameters (i.e. different networks, *N* ~*row*~ and *N* ~*column*~). We then generated another nine datasets for each of the five parameters mentioned above, with the number of nodes (*N* ~*row*~) varying between 1 and *N* ~*row*~ × 4,000,000 to test how well Mapper performs for large networks. For instance, we used *N* ~*row*~ × 4,000,000 for the gene networks with *N* ~*row*~ = 20,000, whereas for




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Global Mapper Full Version Crack 64 Bit walbfea

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